The Fine Print

Rivers Bend RV Resort & Campground Regulations and Etiquettes

Check-In: 1:00 PM
Please no check-ins after 10:00 pm. The Office is only open till 5pm weekdays and 8PM weekends if you will be arriving later please call ahead. Check-ins arriving before 1pm will be charged an early check in fee if site is unreserved. We do not guarantee site numbers, however, You may request a site # and we will do our best to accommodate your request but, there is no guarantee unless you add the specific lock in site fee. Each site reservation includes 2 adults and 4 children, any others up to 8 maximum will be additional

Check-out: 11 AM
When checking out, Please leave your site as clean as you found it. If you would like to stay later than 11 AM please make arrangements at the office to see if a late check out is available. There is a Fee for late check out and you may stay till 5pm. If you stay past 5pm a nightly fee will be charged.

Cancellation Policy:
Campsite Reservations may be cancelled or changed prior to 15 days before scheduled arrival date with a Full Refund less a small service charge. For reservations cancelled 8 to 14 days prior to scheduled arrival date, a 50% refund will apply. No refunds for cancellations with less than 7 days advance notice.

No refunds due to inclement weather. Camping is an outdoor activity and all risks of reservations are assumed by the Guest.

All Sales, Rentals, Campsite or other fees, Purchases of any product or service from this business - are final. No refunds will be made.

Quiet Hours: 10 PM till 8AM
These times will be strictly enforced. All Visitors must leave the park by 10pm or make other arrangements at office. Please keep your voice and music down low so not to disturb your neighbors.

Office: Sunday-Thursday 9AM to 5PM, Friday-Sat 9AM to 8PM

If you have an emergency or need assistance at any time, please call (906) 779-1171 and someone will come to Help you. In case of Medical emergency call (911)

If you see anything you think needs attention Please let a staff member know.

Speed Limit:
5-MPH. We have a speed limit because this is a family park and want it safe for all. Only one warning will be given, per Campsite. Any repeat offenders will result in an immediate eviction of all Campers at such site. This applies to all Guests or Guest Campers. There will be No Refunds on any pre-paid site fees.

Golf Carts:
Golf Carts should obey all vehicle laws. Drivers need a valid Drivers License to operate all types of golf carts or motorized vehicles in the park. Operator/owner of golf carts or motorized vehicles will be the responsible party for any property or personal damage they may cause.

Guests may not sub-lease their lot or unit on a lot, nor allow any visitors to be present and stay without the personal and continued attendance of the Primary Guest who holds the rental in their name with the Owners of the Park.

All pets must be on not more than a 6ft leash and never left unattended. Please pick up after your pet and dispose in garbage receptacles. Pets must not be tied to trees or left outside all night. Any animal with aggressive behavior or excessive barking will not be allowed to stay on premises. No more than 2 pets per camp site, any variance please contact office directly.

Campfires are allowed if there is no fire restrictions in place. Firewood is available at camp store. Firewood is NOT to be brought in from outside the park. The campfire pit/rings are for burning firewood only! Please do NOT move the pit/ring .Please do not leave your fire unattended and put fires out completely when going in for the night, leaving your site or prior to departure.
Firewood is NOT to be brought in from outside the campground.

Garbage and Recycling
Garbage should be brought to dumpster located by the office or across from the laundry room, unless prior arrangements are made in the office for pick up at site for additional fee. Keep all garbage or trash picked up and secured in campers, vehicles or dumpsters, not just for cleanliness but for your safety and the safety of others. Let's not feed the wildlife.

Trees and Vegetation
Cutting, trimming, or damaging any standing timber or vegetation is Prohibited. If there is a branch that is in your way Please contact staff to deal with it. Do not tie anything to the trees or vegetation. Please avoid damaging our precious habitat.

Bathhouses and Laundry
Please treat these areas as if they were your own home. Pick up your trash, don't leave a mess in sink, showers or machines. Please flush the toilet after use. Do NOT flush feminine hygiene products. If you see a problem please report it to our staff. We want everyone to be able to use these amenities.

Swimming areas
All areas are at your own risk and Do Not have lifeguards on duty. Please accompany children at swimming areas for their safety. Anything you bring in to these areas Please take with you when you leave. NO ROUGHHOUSING


Do Not drop cigarette butts on ground or in fire pits - please dispose of them properly.

The Rivers Bend RV Resort & Campground, LLC (the "Land Owner") continues the rule that any item that is attached by the Guest to the resort's real property, grounds, fixtures, or improvements (e.g. buildings, roofs, docks, driveways, or other fixtures, etc.) becomes the property of the Land Owner, at the Land Owner's option. The Land Owner reserves the right to require the Guest to pay for the removal of such items if the Land Owner determines, in the Land Owner's sole and absolute discretion, that such items detract from the value of the resort. Such Guest removal and disposal costs will be deducted from any deposits held by Land Owner and any shortfall remains the responsibility of the Guest. Improvements attached to a specific RV Lot or Campsite will be available for use and enjoyment of the Camper paying for the rental of that RV Lot or Campsite. All maintenance of the improvements to be carried out at the cost and expense of the Camper renting the RV Lot or Campsite.

Camper Etiquette's

  • Please Don't cut through or run into other people's site
  • Do not park or cut through unoccupied or occupied sites- additional parking is available
  • Be mindful of others- watch your language, keep your TVs and Radio at a minimum
  • Consider your outside lighting-if you have string/rope/led/or light on camper please shut them off when not in use or when going to bed. These lights don't just light up your site but, also have a negative effect on other campers.
  • Please be considerate to others on the Hiking trails. Move over to let others pass.
  • If you pack it in, pack it out
  • Lack of respect, campground rules, or etiquettes may result in immediate eviction without refund of guest fees.